1. Slid

From the recording I Am My Own


Dancin’ all around, puttin’ on a show
Acting like somebody your whole family doesn’t know
Lookin’ straight up unwell, don’t even look like you
There doesn’t seem to be an end to the things that you’d do
Bending over backwards you’ve got so much to prove
Trying now to justify those actions that you can’t undo
Pasty grey, you fade
Leaving everyone confused

Didn’t you know you were loved?
Didn’t you know those parts that you should keep
You disposed of
Didn’t you know everyone cares for
Who you are
Even though you’ve slid so far

Makin’ crazy choices, Say you’re livin’ by your gut
But everyone around you, well… Their gut says What?!
Changin’ all your stories, yeah you’ve changed your tune
You’ve changed yourself so much no one could recognize you