From the recording I Am My Own


Building a Case

I’m building a case
I’ve been at it for days
adding onto the pile
to the stress and the bile and my haze

I never think I’m gonna win
like things are all coming up Kim
just try to protect
things you haven’t taken yet


but I’ve been exorcizing my demons and I’m gonna be free
and you won’t have a hold on me
no more you’ll have no hold on me

You’re building a case
you’ve been at it for days
adding onto the pile
and you’ll fight till you’re right

You’ve been out on a tear
it’s been getting you nowhere
fast as you can
you’re killing that man


Isn’t it enough to be cared for
do you always have to be right
cause that’s making everyone else wrong
And I don’t want to fight

Respecting you: Neglecting me
and I can’t agree with what I can’t agree

So now I lay in wait
for you to present your case
while mine is in quite a disarray