From the recording I Am My Own


I'm here to remind you every time a woman goes missing it reflects on us
And we should be afraid to look in the mirror

I am not here to get out of your way
I am not here to give up the space that I take
I am not here to fade away or disappear and I am not here to live up to your desires

I am not here to speak when I am spoken to
I am not here to pander to liars
I am not here to been seen and not heard
And I am not here to come on baby or to light your fire

I am not here for anyone to take
For makin’ love or kinky stuff
For grades and stakes and hearts that break
And I am not here for you to erase
I am my own, I am my own
And you are not going to take me home

On my way here
I picked up a hitchhiker
You looked like her
She was standing on the corner of the highway near a grain elevator
I asked where she was going and she said just take me anywhere
I'd trade my soul for safety
they just wanna get in my underwear
I'm worth so much
I'm more then that
don't owe you, can't touch me, step back
I told her she had my respect
She looked at me like I was suspect
You build mistrust that's what you get
I'll take you home, but not just yet
Is a sentence that I can't forget
And I'm not here to forgive that debt

I am not here to be the daughter you desire
I am not here to alleviate your pain
I am not here to be no slave for hire
And I am not here to wash away your stain

I'm here to remind you- girls aren’t here for sex
There's no saving me
I'm wonder woman; I've dealt with stress
I shouldn't have to say this but there's a message on every shelf
The way we normalize those smoky eyes and preteen crop tops, jeans low rise
I walk the streets I walk alone
feel a bit of fear
I Turn to stone and all around me
You turn a deaf ear
Girls are taught to disappear or at least pretend we like it here
But I won't teach my daughter to be less than she is
Hope we're clear

I am not here to make you look good
I am not here to impress all of your friends
I am not here to be misunderstood
And I am not here to hang in until the end

I don't owe you a smile or dance
You think I'm drunk you make a pass
And when I push back your advance you get mad act like you were asked
To love me, but this isn't love
So take me home