From the recording True


A life unravelling through the hands of time
slipping away
no longer youth
no longer the luxury of untruth
Time was on my side
now time is sneakily stacking up against me
a kick to the butt
youth is beauty but no guts
beauty runs away like time
and my hair turns grey

I still don't know where I'm going
I've tried to forget where I've been
and most of all I've tried to forget him
The him the I've never seen
The him that Disney promised me in the 80's

Instead I get old
pancake tits, rolls that fold
happily never happened
and the beast turned out to be a beast
Stories unfold for the lies that ran cold
and you ran rampant
until you ran away

Hope displaced, Heart sick
too sharp to settle
roots flailing to the breeze
survival of the you figure out what fits
whatever you convince yourself to believe (x2)

And it will work
cause the only thing that does is
what you believe
and as you pursue you'll still find that it's true
That the truth is only what you believe