1. True

From the recording True


Well I loved you quickly and I loved you strong
When it was right and even when you were wrong
Never could say that love has gone away
Only that I need to be alone

All that I'm wanting is for you to be true
Even though I know I oughta be through with you
There's gotta be better things that I can do
Than to keep on playing this fool for you

I couldn't quite figure why you'd hang around
After slagging my name all over this town
Wouldn't you be better then to leave me be
If I was everything you've said of me

Cause if the things that you said are true
Then that would mean the crazy one is you
How many days can I walk away
Before you finally leave me be


Now that the dust settled on the ground
I can see more clearly to what this did amount
You bring me grief when you come around
And then just the missing when you're gone
I can't take the missing when you're gone