1. Brown Handed

From the recording True


I know you don’t think I ‘m talking bout you
But I’ve seen all the nasty things that you do
Like how you put down your own friend
You’re a bully and you know that’s not the end
Cause you know that you go and you
Rally up your troops
And if you ask me well I’ll tell ya that you’re no good
You’re no Good

You even kick your best friend
When she’s down
Then you go and you run her right outta town
So tell me how does this make you strong?
Cause in my mind it only makes you wrong
And you can give it, give it, give it
But you’ll never get it back from me
There’s some things I can’t get past in our history

Because I don’t like you
Don’t like the things that you do
Something you didn’t understand
You throw all that shit around
Look down
Cause it’s all over, yes it’s all over your hands