1. I Wish

From the recording True


I wish I could write it all out
I would stay up all night
I would write it all right
every pain every fear every doubt

I wish I could sing it away
I would sing til I was hoarse
I would sing with such force
I'd be singin' the whole live long day

But you can't bleed your soul
it gets out of control
and hearts seem to break
with every mistake that I make

Now I'm tired I'm lonely and I'm blue
and I can't even admit that I've been thinking of you...

I wish I could cut myself free
out of my cocoon with teeth
push me out of my rut
and you're liable to get cut
there's only room here for me

I wish I weren't so hard on myself
I wish I was easier on me
I could get there someday
if I just got out of my way
I can't even imagine where I'd be

Just another lost soul
drifting out of control
really nothing much here to see
Just another lone girl
Making my way in the world
wondering what I could have been

But it's hard to stay grounded
When you keep losing ground
and the ground keeps on changing
it keeps rearranging

I wish that I wasn't so sad
Or could make myself not feel so bad
Who knows what I could do
if I didn't sit home and stew
Maybe nothing would change and I'd still feel better too