1. Implode

From the recording I Am My Own


I didn’t mean to implode, to imply or impose
I’m not trying to expose what you’ve been hiding inside
I just think that it’s time to decide
What you are made of
What’s behind those eyes

Yearning to write it
To play it, to say it
To get it all out, what’s been stuffed up inside
Can I take it as it comes?
I can’t even fill my own lungs with air, despair,
For what’s not even there
Cause it is what it is and I am who I am
And I’ve taken enough of what I cannot stand
So I’ll stand beyond reproach
Knowing what I know, being enough
Enough for me

Blanket me in sadness, I’ll blanket you in despair
You can tell me all of your stories,
I can tell you that I care
But we’re better off alone, our hearts to be our own
To keep, to see that we always be free
And you show me your heart and your arms and your scars
All your bold and your blue
All your bright and bizarre
And I will hold it inside
There I’ll abide in the truth
In you, in all that you do