1. Fill My Cup
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Performed by Kimberley (Guitar, vox)
and The Right Band:
Nathan Burns - slide
Melissa Walker - bass
Kevin Brereton - drums, vox
Lindsay Pratt - vox
*additional percussion by Jeff Kynoch
Producer - Brandy Zdan
Engineer - Emily Bachynski
Mix - Jeff Kynoch
Master - Philip Shaw Bova

Album art - AJA Louden
Album Design - Kendel Vreeling
Recorded at Edmontone and Bitter North Studio


You fill – you fill my cup up
Even when I’m on the ground, you always lift my chin up
You fill – you fill my cup up
And I think it’s gonna spill, you fill me up with so much love

Pretty as a penny, she tells it like it is
Calls me to my highest, cause she’s the best that there is
She taught me how to love, and she taught me to have fun
So I hatched myself a plan to make her my #1 (chorus)

Loveliest of Walkers, she walked into my heart
She's my all-weather lover, from whom I’ll never be apart
My blue-eyed twin, sister to my soul
She gives and gives good, a love that keeps me whole (chorus)

Mother and a lover, a sister and a friend
She's always there to listen and her thoughtfulness knows no end
I love her in the summer and I love her in the fall
No matter what the weather I love her most of all
Na na na Nanise, Na na na na na Nanise,
Na na na na Nanise, Na na na na Nanise