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Performed by Kimberley (Guitar, vox)
and The Right Band:
Nathan Burns - slide
Melissa Walker - bass
Kevin Brereton - drums, vox
Lindsay Pratt - vox
*additional percussion by Jeff Kynoch
Producer - Brandy Zdan
Engineer - Emily Bachynski
Mix - Jeff Kynoch
Master - Philip Shaw Bova

Album art - AJA Louden
Album Design - Kendel Vreeling
Recorded at Edmontone and Bitter North Studio


You can think of how I came by
Once in a lifetime
You made my cry when you said goodbye
Once in a lifetime, it passed by

But I picked myself up off the floor
Feel so much better than I did before
Feel so much better than I did with you
Love can make me such a fool

But I promise you it’s over, I promise you it’s over
And I ain’t gonna turn or run back for cover (ooh ooh)

I see what you’ve got, had me runnin hot
But could not disguise the pain that I felt inside
With you paradise was pain
With you logic was insane
Twice in a lifetime, must’ve lost my mind

Still I wish you well, in the way nice people wish other people well
Yeah, I wish you well, In a stay the hell far away from me kinda way, yeah
I wish you well, but I don’t want to know anything
so if you know, don’t tell me
I wish you well, I wish you well

So now you can think, think about how I came by
Twice in a lifetime, twice in lifetime
Made me cry, when you said goodbye
Just forgave myself for letting you inside