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Performed by Kimberley (Guitar, vox)
and The Right Band:
Nathan Burns - slide
Melissa Walker - bass
Kevin Brereton - drums, vox
Lindsay Pratt - vox
*additional percussion by Jeff Kynoch
Producer - Brandy Zdan
Engineer - Emily Bachynski
Mix - Jeff Kynoch
Master - Philip Shaw Bova

Album art - AJA Louden
Album Design - Kendel Vreeling
Recorded at Edmontone and Bitter North Studio


Sitting, with uncomfortable feelings
Got me staring at the ceiling
Though I know it’s gonna be alright
Sitting, waiting for your decision
If you’re pulling out that rug again
Not going down that road again with you

Cause you’re acting like a child
Needs your eyes opened wide
Shouldn’t be surprised to find
That your own load is yours to carry
I know sometimes it’s scary
And I want you to be well
But it’s time to tell you all about the real world,
Girl you got some things to learn


I’m caught up in my fear and
It filters what I hear
Makes me want to disappear

But why do I feel so strongly?
What if I’m thinking wrongly?
I only wanted to be kind
Leave something good behind me
But my understanding is limited
So tell me, who am I trying to kid?