1. Longing
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Performed by Kimberley ( vox)
and The Right Band:
Nathan Burns - slide
Melissa Walker - bass
Kevin Brereton - drums, vox

*additional percussion by Jeff Kynoch
Producer - Brandy Zdan
Engineer - Emily Bachynski
Mix - Jeff Kynoch
Master - Philip Shaw Bova

Album art - AJA Louden
Album Design - Kendel Vreeling
Recorded at Edmontone


Babe you got me thinkin bout the plans that I made
And I didn’t expect to be thinkin this way
To be thinkin of you and the things that you do
But I find myself distracted thinkin of all the things we could do
And the moment feels so good, But I don’t know if we should
And I don’t want to regret it, maybe we should just forget it

It feels so good when you’re holding me tight
Got me wonderin if you should stay the night
So many things that I don’t know, but right now I want you so

If things do go south this one doesn’t just go away
And although I want you now, doesn’t mean I want you to stay
Is that okay? To just give in, to be human, Or am I foolin’ myself again

My head keeps tellin me this isn’t meant to be
But I really like talking to you, and my body has more to say than I do
So we could just waste time, it could be sublime
But how can I go down that road when I know
that there isn’t much further for us to go
I hate to make a mistake when hearts are at stake
Well I just gotta let you know