1. Almost There
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Performed by Kimberley (Guitar, vox)
and The Right Band:
Nathan Burns - slide
Melissa Walker - bass
Kevin Brereton - drums, vox
Lindsay Pratt - vox
*additional percussion by Jeff Kynoch
Producer - Brandy Zdan
Engineer - Emily Bachynski
Mix - Jeff Kynoch
Master - Philip Shaw Bova

Album art - AJA Louden
Album Design - Kendel Vreeling
Recorded at Edmontone and Bitter North Studio


My head aches
Almost as if being birthed
but that doesn’t mean that anything is wrong
Indeed it means that everything is perfectly right

The bow breaks, shit. I've never done this before
Just pick myself up off the floor and say I’ve learned a lesson more
Is it fate? Or does fate rearrange?
Does fate take into account how I can be so strange

I can believe it, I can almost see it
I’m on fire, thank you for noticing
It's fast approaching on the horizon
I can see it with my own eyes again

And if I’m gasping for air, that just means I’m almost there

I’m okay, though sometimes I don’t feel that way
Just gotta listen to what my body has to say
I can sit, I can be silent for a bit
I can breathe, relax my mind, and be surprised by what I find (cause)